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The optimal training course provides you with a positive method of  improving your dog’s behavior while teaching him to respond to your commands whether at home or out in public.  I enjoy making training fun for you and your dog! 

Starting on the right foot (paw!), you will learn on the very first lesson how to correct annoying behaviors such as jumping, nipping, excessive barking and leash pulling.  If your dog is not housebroken, I will provide you with a personalized housebreaking schedule, coordinated with your lifestyle, for easy implementation.

I explain and demonstrate to you how to use your voice and body language to positively and effectively communicate with your dog and  increase his/her attention level towards you.  The  result is not a “doggy robot”, but a well-mannered family pet who will receive compliments from your friends and neighbors.

You and your dog will train with me in the privacy of your home and environs.  Often, we will work in a park or neighborhood where you walk your dog, thus ensuring good behavior around distractions.

PS....The family cat is welcome to watch!

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