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Do you have a dog (of any age) who is not housebroken?  Perhaps you’ve tried to potty train your puppy and he/she is still making “mistakes”.   My unique method of housebreaking offers you effective tools to prevent this behavior, rather than correcting or punishing the dog after the fact.  Whether you have a new puppy, an adult who has never been housebroken, or a new rescue dog in your household, I can help.  The sooner you start dealing with this issue, the better.  Give me a call and I will help you and your dog with this most common of all behavior problems.


This is one of the most prevalent, annoying and painful habits of young dogs.  During a puppy’s first five  months, he has a mouthful of needle-sharp puppy teeth.  It is natural for him to want to try them out on everything, and often on arms, hands, legs, clothing......anything he can grab.  Depending on your dog’s breed and energy level, nipping/biting can result in painful experiences for you and your family.  I can show you an effective method of stopping this behavior and redirecting it to appropriate objects and targets.


I can teach you very quickly how to stop your dog from jumping on you and others.  Dogs jump primarily because they want attention, thus I show you how to make your dog feel loved and wanted without dangerous jumping and lunging.  Jumping can severely injure a small child or elderly person.  A well-mannered dog, large or small, should not jump!



If you have a puppy, this well may be the most important behavior trait to deal with.  Not only can a puppy destroy literally thousands of dollars worth of furniture, shoes, eyeglasses, remotes or other possessions, but ingesting many of these items can cause serious illness, blockage and in extreme cases, death.  I can show you how to keep your puppy safe and your possessions intact.


We certainly want our dogs to sound an alarm when necessary, but dogs can continue to bark unnecessarily for many reasons.  If you have received complaints from your neighbors who are annoyed by excessive barking,

or simply want your dog to be more quiet and bark only on appropriate occasions, I can help.  A dog who barks constantly and excessively is very often stressed.    Controlling this behavior results in a calmer and

happier dog.


Is your dog a bit shy, fearful or sometimes aggressive or too protective of you, food or toys?  These traits do not disappear or get better by themselves. It’s most helpful to work with him/her in a positive manner to remedy any extremes on the canine dominate-submissive scale.  Again, with this one, the sooner the better.  I (and my well-mannered and balanced Doberman, Gunner) can help with canine or human social skills.  Gunner often participates in training sessions to help with an owner’s dog behavior issues.

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