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Your dog will walk comfortably by your side, no pulling, weaving from side to side, tripping you, or lagging behind.  On the other hand, he/she will be able to sniff, play, and investigate, all those fun things that dogs do, when you release him/her from the heel command.


I teach you how to get your dog to sit, the very first time you tell him. None of this telling your dog to sit, sit, sit, sit, etc., until HE/SHE decides to do it. You will have a focused dog who responds quickly and happily.


Stay simply means your dog will stay on a sit or down on a loose leash........ while you walk around him/her, when another dog passes, at an outdoor cafe or around skateboarders, children or other distractions.


Having a dog who responds promptly and happily to basic obedience commands means living with a dog who is confident, calm and knows what is expected of him/her.  Obedience training should be fun for you and your dog!   Here are the basics you can expect when participating in a private training course with me.


This is the most important command your dog will learn.   Quite simply, it could someday save a life! 


This is a very useful command, and combined with “stay”, will enable your dog to remain in a very comfortable position under many circumstances, i.e. while you are eating,working, or just busy.


Attention is not necessarily a “command”, rather a frame of mind and view.   No dog  (or person) can learn anything until you have their attention.   I teach  you how to train your dog to “watch” or “look” when you tell him/her to.  It’s very useful in many situations, and your dog will enjoy learning it!

© Sandy Driscoll 2012

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